Skip the resolutions. Instead, send a message to your future self.

the futureWhile the rest of the world makes resolutions that probably won’t last more than a few weeks, I invite you to try something different this year.

Instead of vague promises, you’re going to communicate with your future self. For real. I’m not kidding.

How? With this:

Yep, you’re going to send an email into the future, and I urge you to try it.

It’ll be delivered in a few days, weeks, months, even years—it’s up to you. As a good starting point, try three months. (It’s totally free and you can write as many as you want. Note that your email address will be verified so that your future email will actually arrive. Don’t worry… no registration is required and it’s not an email address collection site. It’s legit.)

Maybe ask your future self if you’ve reached an important milestone and what it looks like from the other side. Or remind your future self about the skills you want to develop this year. Or ask about the trip you want to take. Or how a great idea seems exciting and bursting with energy. Or how you’re progressing on building your business. Maybe make a bold prediction and see if it comes true. Or just scribble a few thoughts about whatever’s on your mind at this exact moment.

This simple-but-powerful tool is both useful and fascinating, and certainly more fun than making typical resolutions. It’s a profound idea: What would you tell your future self?

Just like the new year, there are so many possibilities.

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