Content Optimization

We perform affordable digital marketing services from the very basic to the most advanced, providing expertise as you grow. From landing pages for local and mobile, to ethical and effective link building, we help you tune up for greater efficiency and performance.

Digital Marketing Audits – Our audit programs include an analysis of your web technology, content, links, and social media. You’ll get the most relevant information, prioritized for the greatest return on investment. We also look at the competitive set and develop ideas to produce winning results.word-cloud-faded-940x400

Keyword Research – As the most important first step to successful SEO, we look at things from your customer’s point of view. Then we develop a map to relate the most valuable keywords with categories and products. In the end, you’ll see which keywords help you target your campaigns when customers are ready to buy.

Social Media Marketing  –  Our social media services include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. With a goal of engagement, you’ll see how effective social media marketing not only connects you with your audience, but turbocharges SEO by providing quality links to your website.

Competitive Consulting – What are your competitors doing? Is it working? How do you know? We analyze and learn their strategies, then provide one built just for you.

Integrated Digital Marketing – When you support your SEO efforts with digital marketing, the results continue long after the actual campaign. How? With assets that provide ongoing SEO benefit—the ones your audience desires most.