Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics Dashboard is built to give you the right information when you need it. We collect information from your analytics and prioritize it for the greatest return on investment. Then, you’ll receive a monthly summary of highlights, strategies and recommendations in a conference call with the InMarket Success team. Here’s what you’ll see:

Insights – An under-the-hood look into the current month and a running overview at the previous 12 months. We analyze the data each month to and offer priorities, insights into industry changes and recommendations for next

Links and Social – This report provides a 12-month running look at links and social mentions, as well as a competitive page authority matrix to understand how your competitors are ranking in comparison. The competitive look extends to social mentions, ensuring you have the information you need to keep a competitive edge in this important space.

KPIs – After we work together with you to identify the key performance indicators in your business, we build a monthly report to show you how those indicators are actually doing. Whether it’s time for an investment or a course correction, you’ll see the data you need for a sound decision.

Monthly Consulting Call – We don’t just provide information. Instead, we take an unbiased look at what it really means. We interpret it. We talk with you about how to implement tactics. We offer insights into how to move the needle toward a more visible and vital online presence