Rants of a Frustrated Shopper: What 300 Thread-Count Sheets Mean to Your Business

There’s an obvious (but often overlooked) reality associated with long-tail search:  The longer the search phrase, the more ready the customer is to buy.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If someone is highly specific with search terms, particularly when searching retail goods, services and most B2B categories, the end of the sales funnel—the sale—isn’t too far away. For example, if you search “300 TC cotton percale sheets for 12 inch king mattress,” you’re expecting to see exactly that. And if you’re that specific, chances are pretty good your credit card is out and ready to buy.rants image

But here’s the problem: If Google doesn’t hit on that long-tail search, you’ll see something similar. Maybe the search result returns a buying opportunity for cotton sheets, but they are deep pocket and will drown your 12″ mattress. Or maybe, instead of cotton percale, you see results for great prices on polyester sheets. In other words, the results are pretty close, but not quite right. For a savvy shopper, that’s just maddening.

As a business, how do you solve this? With analytics and Google’s keyword tool. With an expanded keyword set. With good headlines, product titles and thorough product descriptions.

Bottom line? With careful planning, keyword analysis and SEO-conscious tactics, you greatly increase your chances of hitting on those long-tail searches. Which means more relevant search results, better customer experiences and more sales.

It’s also an incredible opportunity to beat the big guys.

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