PRSA Madison – September 19, 2013

PRSA Madison Members:  It was a pleasure meeting you to talk about communications and SEO. I hope you found the information helpful. Thank you for having me.

How to achieve the right balance between good content and good SEO is a challenge we tackle every day with our clients. Keeping up with Google changes and how to avoid penalties is also an important task.

Our analytics dashboard reporting is a great way to get started in measuring attribution and communications value. and have SEO experts to rely on. Please feel free to contact me with questions or to talk about how we might help you.

Presentation materials:

PRSA Slides– included is the chart of industry click through rate information requested by Dan.

12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases and Avoid Google Penalties

Article by Matt Cutts about nofollow links

Understanding Negative Link-based SEO

5 Clever Ways to Leverage PR for SEO Success

Thanks again!